LoBiondo Announces $4.4 Million for Atlantic City Airport Project

ATLANTIC CITY – Congressman Frank A. LoBiondo announced an additional $4,449,804 will be awarded to the Atlantic City International Airport (ACY) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to complete the taxiway rehabilitation and reconstruction projects.
“This is clearly a great week for ACY, which has received more than $7.6 million in federal funding to complete critical infrastructure projects. The cooperative and unwavering effort to transform ACY into a top-notch airport has benefitted both passengers as well as air carriers investing in South Jersey," said LoBiondo. "I am proud of the success we’ve had in bringing more than $55 million to ACY in the past decade for such improvements and will continue to vigorously advocate greater connectivity of South Jersey to the nation’s transportation system.”
Earlier this week LoBiondo announced a discretionary grant in the amount of $3,223,440 from the FAA for ACY. Together with today’s award, the total cost of the project is funded.
"With this grant the Atlantic City International Airport will be able to completely rehabilitate Taxiway Alpha, this is an important safety project for the airport.  The SJTA is thankful to Congressman LoBiondo for his assistance in getting this money for this project and his continuous support of the airport,” said Jamie, Fox, South Jersey Transportation Authority Chairman and New Jersey Department of Transportation Commissioner.

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