Senator Jeff Van Drew Speaks at State of Affairs Meeting in Vineland


VINELAND - Senator Jeff Van Drew spoke at a state of affairs meeting today as part of a “Government Action Series” to keep the public informed about South New Jersey's current issues.
Senator Van Drew touched on such subjects such as the New Jersey gas tax, Route 55, and his efforts to reign in large government.
“Well there’s two things at play here: the first is to hear from senator van drew, to hear what’s on his mind public policy-wise that would affect the business community," said Debra DiLorenzo, President & CEO of Southern New Jersey Chamber of Commerce. "And the other thing at play here is the coming together of three chambers of commerce. Our chamber represents all of South Jersey, then we have the Millville chamber and the Vineland chamber. For our members to be able to co-mingle with each other and hopefully be able to do business together, that’s a great thing.”

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