VIDEO: National Drive Electric Week Celebrated at Acua Wind Farm


ATLANTIC CITY -  National Drive Electric Week was celebrated at the Acua Wind Farm by electric vehicle owners.
The event featured examples of electric cars, as well as speakers in the industry, and testimonials from electric vehicle owners.
“Number one, the environment," said Omar Martin, Atlantic City Police Sergeant & Electric Vehicle Owner "For environmental reasons. We have global climate change is really a thing, it’s really happening. And we really need to try to do something to combat that. Number two: financially it makes sense. There’s a lot fewer moving parts in electric vehicles, a lot less to go wrong, a lot less in maintenance, a lot less cost in fuel. And three: for our national security, we really need to get off oil as much as we can and have more dependence on home domestic sources of energy.”
Electric vehicle proponents say they’re working to bring more charging stations to South New Jersey. Atlantic county currently has six charging stations.

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