VIDEO: Galloway Farmer Shares Science Behind Corn Mazes


GALLOWAY - For generations, the Sahl family has owned and operated this farm in Galloway. But it’s the unique corn maze in their backyard that attracts hundreds of visitors every fall.

“All I do is plant the field in a grid pattern," said Jeremy Sahl, Owner of Sahl's Father Son Farm. "Left, you know, North/South, and then I replant East to West.  The maze, they’ll take the design.  They overlay the design on grid paper.  So every line on the grid paper is equivalent to a row of corn.”

Every year, the Sahl Father Son Family grain Farm hires a company called the MaiZE to help them design something a little different for their corn maze.  Since 2008, Jeremy Sahl and his wife have come up with different ideas to tie in their South Jersey roots, and add to a little fun in the corn.

“We usually try to pick something that’s significant to the local area of South Jersey,” said Sahl. “We’ve done the Battleship NJ, we’ve done the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies, we did, five miles this way, was the 177th fighter wing, we’ve done that, and each one of them have been sponsored, the maze has been sponsored by First National Bank of Absecon.”

When the corn is about two inches tall, they’ll plot out the field, they’ll basically do a transfer from the grid paper to the field, they’ll mark the rows with flags, they’ll count the rows and mark the path out with orange marking paint. Then after the whole field’s marked out, they go through and they just cut it down.

The maze has three different levels, and you can enter with or without a map.  Scattered throughout the maze is a scavenger hunt for visitors to stamp the different areas of the maze they’ve found.

“We’re averaging around 5,000 visitors a year,” said Sahl. "I don’t have to go anywhere to go to my job, I get to be with  my family, my wife, they get to work alongside of me, so it’s really the best life you can ask for."