VIDEO: Bridgeton Held Annual 9/11 Stair Climb


BRIDGETON - The City of Bridgeton held their 4th Annual 9/11 Stair Climb today, as their way to remember the victims of that tragic day 14 years ago.
The Bridgeton Fire Department hosted the event at the Bridgeton Housing Authority Complex, where volunteers donated a small fee to climb for a great cause.
“It’s great that 14 years later, there’s still people that never truly forget and it’s awesome to be around that sort of environment, because you truly don’t forget if you do something like this.” said James Grauel, Captain Wildwood Fire Department.
The Bridgeton Fire Department took time today to also celebrate and remember one of their own.
“Firefighter Brandon O’Keefe, he was with us for a period of time and ended up transferring to Columbus, Ohio, and he got sick, he had a brave, brave, battle with cancer, and he’s just a guy you would never ever hear complain.” said Todd Bowen, Chief, Bridgeton Fire Department. “I’ll be honest with you, about halfway through I’m thinking, you know, I’m really beat up, but when you, just like Brandon used to say, when you just push it out and finish what you started, it’s a good feeling because you didn’t give up.”
Volunteers, young and old, climbed the building, and rang a bell at the end to mark their completion.
“If you climb the steps, go all the way to the 11th floor ten times, it equals the length of the towers in New York City, and so I’m happy our firefighters organized such an event to commemorate and remember those who have fallen.” Albert Kelly, Mayor of Bridgeton

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