VIDEO: Robbers Targeting Food Delivery Drivers in Winslow Township


SICKLERVILLE - Within the past three weeks, there have been 11 armed robberies of food delivery drivers in the Sickerlville area of Winslow Township.
Police say the 11 drivers were delivering for local pizza and Chinese food restaurants and were robbed using guns, knives, and in one case, a stick, by the suspects. The Winslow Township Police Department sent out a crime alert to local businesses last week to inform them of the crimes and to suggest tips to help keep drivers safe.
"One of the things we’ve mentioned is maybe after 9:00 or after it gets late, to go just accept credit cards, and be very obvious that the drivers don’t carry cash," said Lt. Chris Dubler. "If the drivers get to a non-well lit area, and they don’t feel comfortable, just leave. If they get any suspicious calls to their businesses and they don’t feel comfortable, to call us."
Lt. Dubler said that they have arrested five juveniles in relation to the robberies and are still conducting investigations. He also stated that there has been a definite increase in this type of crime taking place over the past few weeks.

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