VIDEO: One Glassboro Teen Strives to Raise Awareness for Epilepsy


GLASSBORO - Students served up their best volleyball skills for the 2nd annual Volley for the Cure benefiting epilepsy at Glassboro High School.
18-year-old Ashley Kulikowski was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 13.
“For years I battled with depression and fear and I just got to a point where I realized that fear became my life and I let my disease define me," said Ashley Kulikowski, Founder of the Fearless Movement.
She dropped her fears and gained courage to start a movement.
“I created Fearless Movement to promote living a fearless life and also creating awareness and raising research funds for finding a cure for epilepsy," said Kulikowski.
Kulikowski competes in local pageants in the Miss America Organization and has received numerous community service awards for her work with the Fearless Movement. When she held her first event last year, the students were eager to get involved.
“All the students talked about it for months on end and they just loved that they had an impact on our world," said Kulikowski. "And they could find a cure for those around them that had epilepsy."
It may be about raising awareness and funds for epilepsy, but the overall theme of the Fearless Movement is just that, to be fearless.
“We started off epilepsy awareness month with a fear banner," said Kulikowski. "Each student was challenged to write a fear down that they felt was taking control of their life and defined who they were.”
70 students and ten teachers laced up their shoes to win these medals. One of the members on the teacher team was the principal of the school who has supported the movement from the beginning.
“We had Glassboro High School’s first annual Volley for the Cure last year and it really raised awareness with the students about epilepsy and the conditions faced by people and students in our school that have epilepsy," said  Dr. Danielle Sneathen, Principal.
Ashley takes the money raised and donates to Clayton’s Hope Organization, a non-profit centered on epilepsy research.
And in just its first year of existence Fearless Movement has gone worldwide, 11 countries have viewed its website. This event raised over $500 bringing the total up to over $2,000 raised for epilepsy research and awareness.
For more information on how you can donate you can visit the Fearless Movement website at