VIDEO: Greater Vineland Chamber Honors Veterans in Business


VINELAND - The Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce hosted a breakfast event on Thursday morning to honor military veterans who now play a large role in the South Jersey business sector.
"We really hope that this event recognizes veterans and their adaptability," said Jeffrey George, VP of Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce. "Most of us started with careers in the military that have no relation to what we're doing today. But veterans have this adaptable mindset that we hope to really highlight today and encourage. We hope it's a program that inspires our youth to serve in the military, in any capacity, and showing them that they would be successful later on in life because of the values they learned while serving."
The vets and businessmen were joined by members of the Vineland High School ROTC who presented the color guard.
"The feeling of fulfillment and gratitude that some of the veterans get from seeing these young cadets wanting to follow in their footsteps," said Major Robert Simpson, of Vineland High School ROTC.
The event, which took place at the Running Deer Golf Club in Pittsgrove, allowed veterans, businessmen, and future veterans the chance to interact and learn from one another.
The featured guest speaker was Mary Hagy, an army veteran and CEO and executive producer of the film Triumph Games, which aired on CBS Sportsnet on Veterans Day.
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