VIDEO: Stockton University Hosts Latino Visitation Day


GALLOWAY - In an attempt to increase the number of Latino first generation college students, Stockton University hosted their Annual Latino Visitation Day.
The program, in its 28th year, reached out to 550 Latino and Hispanic high school students from Atlantic, Cumberland, and Camden counties. Students were invited to hear from motivational speakers, take tours of the campus, and learn more about the university's financial aid and application process.
"We're able to host over 500 students," Heather Medina, Assistant Director of Admissions, Stockton University. "Give them a sense of the community that we have here at Stockton, but more importantly, for them to feel and see that this is totally an option for them to continue their studies. For a student to say, okay they look like me, they did it, perhaps this is something that's attainable for me."
Attendees also had the opportunity to hear testimonials from other first generation Latino students who started their legacy of higher education at Stockton. This year, 11.3% of Stockton's student body is made up of Latino and Hispanic students and the Latino Visitation Day has only grown that number since its inception in 1987.