VIDEO: Millville Police Battle Local Teachers in Basketball Game Fundraiser


MILLVILLE - A few officers from the Millville Police Department traded in their hand cuffs last night for basketballs.
The Millville Police Department went head to head with the Millville Senior High School staff for their 4th annual Staff vs. Police basketball game. Every year, the funds raised from the $2.00 admission and extra fundraising go to different causes, but this year was a special one for the Millville police. All proceeds are going towards the Millville Police Athletic League, but specifically, to their new PAL basketball league aimed for kids 11 through 15 that is expected to start this January.
"It’s very competitive," said PTL. Kott, Millville P.D. "We’re friends before, we’re friends after, during it’s all seriousness. No, it’s for a great cause and everybody has a good time."
The two teams had plenty of support come out for the event, with family, friends, and students who made signs for their favorite staff members. The Millville Senior High School staff ended up winning 68 to 42.
Although the Millville police department's team lost the game, they were able to raise money to help keep kids active and off the streets.

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