VIDEO: Local School District Plans to Place Ads on School Buses


VINELAND - The Vineland Board of Education voted on approving a one-year contract with the Educational Information and Resource Center, known as EIRC, a local education agency based out of Mullica Hill, to start placing advertisements on the school buses in the district.
“Well, we’re always looking for new and interesting ways to make money," said Helen Haley, Business Administrator of Vineland BOE. "We need revenue, and this seems to be something that’s up and coming.”
As per their contract with EIRC, Vineland will receive 65% of the revenue collected from the advertisements. That’s an estimated $10,000 a school year, half of which will help with fuel costs for buses.
“There’s different sizes, it depends on the advertising that you want, if it’s a larger ad, it will go on the back, if it’s a smaller ad it can go on the front,” said Joseph Callavini, Coordinator of Pupil Transportation Registration Services.
Potential ads get presented to EIRC, then to the Board of Education for approval. After that, the ads can run anywhere from $250 to $2,500, according to Joseph Callavini.
In the next few months, you’ll start seeing ads on the back and on the sides of about 95 Vineland school buses. Haley says that this isn’t just an opportunity for the school district to get a little bit more money in their budget, but also a great opportunity for local businesses to advertise.
“So really, local ads are great, because we love our local businesses," said Haley. "So, local ads will be great, but anyone that’s interested, we will consider.”
To have your ad on a Vineland school bus, visit

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