VIDEO: Local Pizza Shop Ask For Donations to Spread Holiday Cheer


VINELAND - For the third year, Big John’s Pizza Queen is asking for your help.
It can be as easy as bringing in a pair of gloves the next time you stop in for a slice.
“At this point were looking for anything anyone wants to help us out with; coats, hats, gloves, socks for kids and adults," Rob Johnson, Owner. "Of course toys are going to be a big need.”
For Johnson, this event means a lot because it hits close to home.
“When I was growing up I was this kid," said Johnson. "My family was the family that received help on Christmas. My mom was a hard worker and the most important person in my life. We went through it. So I know what it’s like. I was able to make it and I want everybody else to be able to make it. I don’t want to forget where I came from and I want to definitely pay it forward.”
The event will have dinner, fun activities for the whole family, and gifts to spread some holiday cheer.
“Some families approached us about keeping the gifts in a bag and not letting their children even know that they were there because they wouldn’t be able to have a Christmas otherwise,” said Johnson.
Tammy Stewart turned to her co-workers to help raise $1,300 to buy items for last year’s event.
“I mean there’s no greater feeling for us to donate, to help someone out," said Stewart. "But to realize that you’re helping back into your community and for this to be local. I mean there’s places all over the country that you can do things, but this is something local. So for businesses in the area that want to help, any little bit helps, donations of money or donation of items needed.”
Johnson is expecting close to 500 people to show up at the event on Saturday, December 12th.
“So we’re just going to bring them in, have a good time, love them, let them know that they’re loved, we’re going to feed their bellies, put our arms around them and give them a hug and let them know whatever they’re going through, just because they’re going through it today doesn’t mean tomorrow has to be the same thing,” said Johnson.
Big John’s Pizza Queen will be accepting donations until the event date on December 12th. They are located at 1383 South Main Road in Vineland.

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