VIDEO: Local Wawa Employee's Act of Kindness Goes Viral


VENTNOR CITY - Kyle Mosca, a 16-year-old teen with autism, was given a brand new Wawa visor that he received from a Wawa employee, Patrick Higgins.
“On Sunday, after church we went to Wawa, and it was kind of a reward for Kyle, he was having a rough morning," said Isabelle Mosca, Mother. "We got to the register and my son said hello to Patrick. He recognized the name on his nametag and said, 'Hi Patrick.' And he said 'how are you?' And then he asked, 'hi, can I have your hat?' And Patrick was kind of taken back, like, hmm, why is this guy asking for my hat? And we said, Kyle, that’s his hat, he needs to keep his hat. As we went to the door, Patrick was there, and he gave Kyle a visor, a Wawa visor, and it was really sweet, because his face lit up when he was giving the hat to Kyle, and Kyle was so excited about it.”
Mosca found out that Higgins has a brother with autism and was touched by his act of kindness. She posted about their Wawa experience online, which now has over 10,000 likes and shares on Facebook.
“I think it was rewarding because people are learning that people who are in the autism spectrum are just like everybody else,” said Mosca.
Mosca is very impressed with Wawa and Patrick's act of kindness.
“Thank you Wawa," said Mosca. "I think it’s really great, and I’m glad that my son has made a new friend. I think that was very important. I hope everyone can learn something from that.”
Mosca says that both Kyle and Patrick received Wawa swag bags filled with mugs, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, which Kyle has been proudly sporting since Sunday.

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