VIDEO: Block by Block Ocean City Boardwalk Gets a Face Lift


OCEAN CITY - The boards are being ripped up piece by piece today on the Ocean City boardwalk between Plaza Place and 8th Street.
It’s all a part of Ocean City’s Capital Project. It’s been going on since the off season of 2013 and will be completed in 2019. The plan is to completely rip up the old boardwalk and build a new, stronger one in its place.
“These boards are kind of scary you know," said Lee LaPierre, Somers Point Resident. "You’re always seeing the screws pop up or the nails pop up.”
This phase of the project will have the two blocks of boardwalk between 6th and 8th Street detoured off until construction is completed in March. Lee and Linny LaPierre live a town over in Somers Point and although it closes off part of the boardwalk, they’re happy about the improvements.
“The boards beyond, I think they repaired them last year, they’re beautiful and I would like the whole boardwalk to look like that," said Linny LaPierre. "They’re very smooth and easy to walk on, run on and ride on. So these boards, I think they need a facelift.”
That’s exactly what’s happening, the project will expand each off season to replace another few blocks of boards until its expected completion in 2019.

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