VIDEO: Cumberland County College Hosts Job Fair


VINELAND - In honor of National Career Development Month, Cumberland County College celebrated by hosting a job fair to give students a head start on their career search.
The Fifth Annual Job Fair attracted hundreds of job seekers from across Cumberland County to attend the career development job fair at the college's Luciano Conference Center. There were over 30 employers on site to review resumes, discuss their companies, and even conduct interviews with prospective employees.
"This is my fifth year doing the career fair," said Reta Rios, Student Development Advisor. "In the beginning I think I had maybe 15 employers and now I'm at capacity. I have 35, so I'm anticipating it to grow from here on forward. The last I checked, it's still early on, there were over 150 attendees. And last year, at the whole event, I had a total of about 200 people that came out. So, I feel like this year is going to be record-breaking in that I have more employers and more students here this year. So I'm anticipating for it to just grow from here."
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