VIDEO: South Jersey Distillery Brings Positive Attention to Camden


CAMDEN - Cooper River Distillers, located in the heart of Camden, is the first distillery in Camden since the prohibition and aims to set the bar for South Jersey rum and whiskey.
“When we’re making our rum and whiskey, everything gets run through our 80-gallon pot still here, and it’s heated by a flame, which you can see under there right now, we’re making rye whiskey today," said James Yoakum, Founder, and Chief Distiller. "We put in a mash that’s like a beer, so it goes in there, at five or six percent alcohol, and as it heats up, the alcohol boils off as a gas, and the liquid, the water and everything else stays behind. So, we’re able to concentrate out the concentrated alcohol down here. So if it went in as five percent alcohol, it could be coming out as 60, 65 percent.”
Cooper River Distillers is run entirely by three South Jersey locals. They started production in April of 2014 and a year and a half later their products are popping up in local bars, liquor stores, and restaurants, from Camden County, right down to the shore.
“We get all of our production done right here in this old garage, and then we also host, we open up for the public, every Friday evening for cocktails and tours which is really fun," said Yoakum. "We get the question all the time, why we’re in Camden. Camden seemed to have a lot of history and just character that we could tie into as a local brand. It’s not, whatever you say about Camden, it’s not boring, it’s interesting to everyone for some reason.”
With a flag hanging over their barrels that says, “time flies when you’re having rum,” the distillers hope that visitors see some of the great things the city of Camden has to offer.

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