VIDEO: South Jersey Gets a Senior Crimestoppers Program


BRIDGETON - Cape Bank and the Senior Crime Prevention Foundation have joined forces to start a Senior Crimestoppers Program in South Jersey.
It was back to school for residents in six area senior care and residential facilities, as they were taught today how to reduce and prevent crimes at the Cumberland Manor in Bridgeton.
"This is to build awareness," said Edward Geletka, Cape Bank Executive Vice President and Chief Operator. "This is to let seniors know that there is somewhere to turn and also to paying attention and knowing is there's something they see or something they think is out of sight or not what they normally would expect, there's a phone call they can make, there's someone they can talk to."
Along with senior citizens, the program includes education and training for staff members as well. Personal lockboxes are given to residents and a cash reward is offered for reporting suspicious behavior or wrongdoing.
"Crime against seniors is a big problem nationally and everything from identity theft and physical crimes that type of thing seniors are every bit as vulnerable as small children and we all need to do our best to protect our seniors," said George Clinard, VP, Senior Crime Prevention Foundation.
According to Crimestoppers, programs like these can reduce crime by nearly 94% in participating facilities.
For more information about Senior Crimestoppers, you can visit their website at