VIDEO: Gloucester Township Police Continue to Help Domestic Violence Victims


GLOUCESTER COUNTY - The Gloucester Township Police Department put their Home Involved Violence Intervention Strategies program into place this past September.
As part of the program, they’re bringing in a unique questionnaire to help domestic violence victims realize how much danger they could potentially be in.
“When I worked with abused women, I found that a lot of them did not understand how much danger they were in," said Jacquelyn Campbell, Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. "The weighted scoring of the level of danger are based on how many of the risk factors that she says she finds are present in her situation and then how much those ones are weighted. Like the threats to kill is weighted more highly than some of the other risk factors.”
When a Gloucester Township officer intervenes a domestic violence situation, they stay with the victim and fill out the form. Depending on 20 yes or no questions, they’re put into one of four categories to determine what kind of danger level they’re in with the offender.
“It really lets them know they’re increased risk for homicide rate, and that’s what it’s assessing, homicide based on domestic violence," said Eric Marconi, Domestic Violence Detective, Gloucester Twp. P.D. "It definitely offers victims that reassurance that there’s help there when they want it. Because it’s all about when they’re ready to do something.”

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