Governor Christie GOP Debate Highlights

MILLVILLE - Governor Chris Christie soldiers on in his race to become the 2016 Republican nominee for President.
Christie tried to make the most of his airtime at a GOP debate involving lower-tier presidential hopefuls last night, going after Democrat Hilary Clinton and promising to cut spending and reform the tax code.
"Everyone will get lower rates, keep more of their own money, be able to file their tax returns in fifteen minutes and, by the way, the good thing, I'll be able to fire a whole bunch of IRS agents once we do that," said Christie.
The undercard debate was made up of the four Republican candidates who are trailing in the polls. Christie's main message for his fellow Republicans on the debate stage: stop the infighting — Hillary Clinton is the real enemy.
Christie's camp is calling the debate a win as he got the most airtime out of both Fox Business debates.

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