VIDEO: Woolwich Township Police Department Uses Facebook to Catch Drug Dealers


WOOLWICH TOWNSHIP - Woolwich Township Police Department put up a creative post on social media for the community to become more involved in reporting drug dealing.
“Because of the age we’re living in now, and the day we’re living, social media is the thing to do," said Lt. Sheldon Lewis, Woolwich Township P.D. "And people are using it as an avenue to communicate, so why not utilize it for law enforcement?”
On Tuesday, October 27th, the department posted a picture onto their Facebook page, offering a free service for drug dealers to eliminate their competition or allow residents to report anything suspicious. With over 300 likes and shares of the post, Lt. Lewis says this is helping the township communicate with the police.
“We were basically just putting it out there to see if we would get any feedback, and we did," said Lt. Sheldon Lewis. "And we had no idea it was going to go like that. We do our best to follow the tips. Some may be good, some may be not being as well, but again, if you take the time to send in a tip, we’re going to do our best to follow through.”
What started out as a social media experiment for two of the Woolwich Township detectives, this report turned out to be very helpful. After only a couple of weeks with it being on their Facebook page, the department says they have received so much positive feedback.
“Our residents really are our eyes and ears to what’s going on in the community," said Lt. Sheldon Lewis. "Without them, really, the job would be very difficult to do if we didn’t have their assistance. Our goal here in Woolwich Township is to keep our township free of drugs, by all means.”

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