VIDEO: Update on Homework Assignment Parents Called Inappropriate


CEDARVILLE - One South Jersey mother was upset by an essay assignment given to her 8th-grade son that involved herpes and a one-night stand.
The assignment asked students to consider what they would do if they contracted herpes after drinking and having a one night stand. It was given in a language arts class at the Powell Elementary School in the Cedarville section of Lawrence Township.
Concerned parents say the assignment might be better suited for a sex education class, but certainly has no place in language arts. The school responded on their website and released this statement:
"The assignment has offended a group of parents. However, we have also received overwhelming support from families in our community. Many believe that open and honest dialogue about real-world events will benefit their teenagers when they are forced to make independent decisions."
The statement goes on to cite Cumberland County as having one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates and one of the highest percentage of people with sexually transmitted diseases in New Jersey. In an addition, they are putting forth an effort to prevent students from becoming a part of these statistics.

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