VIDEO: Partner Animal Shelter Helps Cumberland County SPCA


VINELAND - The Cumberland County SPCA picks up strays daily and tries to be a safe haven for neglected or abandoned pets, but the harsh reality is that they can't keep them all, which is why they got a little help from their friends.
A shipment of cats found a temporary home at a shelter in Pennsylvania. The Cumberland County SPCA is often overfilled in the summertime and when they ran out of space, they turned to a partner shelter to make sure these cats got a second chance.
"Today we're working with the Delaware County SPCA in Media, Pennsylvania," said Maria Stoerrle, Rescue Coordinator at CCSPCA. "They have been pulling a lot of cats and kittens from us this summer, which is our highest intake season. So, what happens is, we end up with way more kittens that are in the shelter and that come into the shelter than we can adopt out. So, to save as many as possible, we work with our rescue partners. Today, we have about nine cages of cats and kittens, about 30 cats and kittens total that are leaving for the Delaware County SPCA where they will be spayed and neutered and put up for adoption."
The CCSPCA sent many cats to their partner shelter in Delaware County, but they still have plenty of cats that need to be adopted. They also need foster parents. In this past year, they were able to place almost 200 cats into foster homes.
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