VIDEO: Stockton University Students Sleeping Out for Homeless Awareness


GALLOWAY - Stockton students will be braving the weather tonight as they sleep outside on boxes behind the Lodge at Lakeside on the Galloway Campus.
“They’re our age, they’re 18 to 24," said Mackenzie Porch, sophomore Stockton University student. "And it’s right in Atlantic City so it’s not something far from home. So I think it’s our job in the community to step up and make sure we’re helping out.”
They are expecting 50 to 75 students to join in and that doesn't just mean sleeping on the leaves.
“We’re doing fun events," said Porch. "Like we’re doing a relay race tribal wars, a box hunt where you have to go find your box. But we’re also doing some educational activities like discussions and little dialogue sessions.”
Students are suggesting a $5 donation from participants. All the money raised will go towards the Covenant House, a shelter for homeless youth.
“They don’t have a place to go back to, they don’t have a warm home, they don’t have a bed, they don’t have a couch, they don’t have a dog, and they don’t have a family so it’s nice to raise awareness for that,” said Charles Elsea, sophomore Stockton University student.
Before the event even started, the group raised close to $700.
For information on donating, you can check out their event page on Facebook: Stockton Student Sleep Out.