Holocaust Survivor Visits Bunker Hill Middle School


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – The Bunker Hill Middle School eighth grade class had the opportunity to speak with a Holocaust survivor on Friday, October 30th. The students are currently studying the Holocaust and are reading The Diary of Anne Frank.

Charles Middleberg, who was born in Paris, France, visited the school and spoke about his experiences during World War II. Middleberg talked to the students about watching his and other Jewish families in the city lose their freedoms. Additionally, Middleberg told the students how he and his family avoided capture by lying on the roof of their apartment building when the German army began removing Jewish men, women, and children from the city.

To keep the boys safe, Middleberg’s mother, Bertha, sent Charles and his brother Victor to a farm with strangers for a short period of time. They stayed at the farm before returning to Paris and living with a family acquaintance while pretending to be Catholic altar boys throughout the remainder of the war. Middleberg’s father left the family prior to the invasion to “serve” the German army but was later reunited with the boys after spending time at the Auschwitz concentration camp. Middleberg’s mother was also sent to Auschwitz but did not survive.

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