Five Washington Township Nurses Offices Receive iPads


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – Five nurses' offices within the Washington Township Public Schools have been provided with iPads, courtesy of the Washington Township Education Foundation (WTEF).

The iPads will provide District health professionals with quick mobile access to student health records, statewide immunization databases, and computerized charting and assessment tools. Additionally, the technology will allow the nurses to take them on emergency classroom runs, have access to student health information during school evacuations or fire drills, take them on field trips in the event that a nurse is required, and use the applications available to teach students and families about illnesses and general health.

The nurses provided with the iPads include Jenny Hudock and Terry Cotton of Orchard Valley Middle School, Kathleen Luckiewicz of Whitman Elementary School, Carol Ann Wesh and Grenloch of Terrace Early Childhood Center, and Tina Guerra.

The Foundation plans to purchase iPads for the remaining health offices following their next fundraising event.

“The WTEF is particularly proud to provide our nurses with IPads, giving them instant access to a student’s medical records, no matter where they are,” said WTEF President Charlie Doud. “Having this mobile access really enhances the role of our nurses in being able to provide the top-notchattention that they always have, but in a more flexible and quicker fashion.”

For more information about the Washington Township Education Foundation, visit the Washington Township Public Schools website at

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