VIDEO: First District Election Results


MILLVILLE - SNJ Today covered elections from the 1st District and caught up with some of the candidates.
As for the first district, incumbent Assemblyman Bob Andrzejzak and now Assembly Elect, Bruce Land, both democrats as well as United States Veterans, were voted to sit with fellow democratic Senator Jeff van Drew in Trenton.
After the more than 71,000 votes were counted, Andrzejczak held 28% of the votes, with Land coming in second with 26% in his first ever race.
"I’m very excited for myself, I’m very excited for the team, I’m happy to be able to come away victorious, and I am ready to get down, and I’m ready to continue to work, and I’m ready to have Bruce be a part of it, and be able to get a lot accomplished for the 1st District," said Assemblyman Bob Andrzejzak.
Assemblyman Andrzejczak and Assembly-elect Land plan on pushing legislation to help South Jersey's aquaculture industry, work with military affairs, and help strengthen ties between education and local workforce.
"They’re two different generations, two different wars, both of them are heroes, and that mentality of service and of giving is something that’s really going to show, and I’m really very proud of them," said Senator Jeff van Drew.
Republican incumbent Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi did not win re-election and his disappointment about leaving the assembly was clear, as he spoke to supporters.
"Its a job that I loved, I relished, at this point I'm going to leave it at that cause I'm a little emotional," said Fiocchi. "That's how much I feel about it. I want to thank our chairman and a great, great, great running mate. Thank you for everything you've done and god bless you."

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