VIDEO: Local Elementary School Opened a Sensory Room


WOODBURY - Members of the Woodbury School District’s Special Services created a “sensory room” for students to play and find ways to calm down during the school day.
“A sound that you and I might think just sounds typical, to a child with a disability, with autism, it might sound like the loudest, most clamoring sound on earth," said Jeffrey Adams, Director of Special Services, Woodbury School District. "So putting them in a room like this where there could be soothing music, stimulation, swinging, a ball pit, so on and so forth, can help meet those sensory needs so that when back in the regular classroom, they can be more successful.”
After 17 years of experience with students and a certification in sensory integration, Jennifer Stell, Occupational Therapist for the Woodbury School District, pitched the idea to Principal Vincent Myers two years ago and her idea has finally come to life. Complete with a calming ball pit, trampoline, large swing, and more, students can squeeze, roll, and hug their stresses away.
“We’ve seen a dramatic change in terms of students with special needs who utilize the room as a schedule, through the occupational therapist, or through their one on one aide, or instructional assistant, as well as the students who are in the regular ED classroom all day long, who just simply need a sensory break," said Vincent Myers, Principal of West End Memorial. "Now, as a school, our classroom teachers, myself, and our students, I couldn’t imagine life without it.”

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