VIDEO: Both Assemblymen Re-Elected For 2nd District


ATLANTIC CITY - The results are in and the people of District 2 have re-elected both Republican Chris Brown and Democrat Vince Mazzeo.
Red, white, and blue balloons decorated the Atlantic City Country Club last night where Democrats gathered to wait for the results. The Republicans chatted and patiently waited across the way at their results party at Harbor Pines Gold Club. Once results were announced, Assemblyman Mazzeo addressed his crowd of supporters.
“Now I’m an assemblyman again re-elected and I’m proud of that," said Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo. "This was the toughest race I’ve ever faces as far as the negativity and I’m glad I’m still standing. I think that we’re going to continue to fight to opposing North Jersey casinos and do things that help District 2.”
The Assemblyman could not say enough good things about his running mate, Freeholder Colin Bell, who fell short at the polls.
“He kept me going," said Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo. "I fell down a few times to be quite frank with you. But you have to get up and keep on going. You get tested in these campaigns and Colin fell a little short, but he helped me through it. And when you have a great partner like that, you know there’s only great things for him going for the future.”
Freeholder Bell took the mic to thank his supporters.
“We talked about the issues, there was a lot of mudslinging our way, but we tried to keep it about the issues," said Freeholder Colin Bell. "And it looks like I am going to come up short but not for the lack of the effort of people in this room.”

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