VIDEO: Preview of Elections for 1st District


CUMBERLAND COUNTY - Running as Republicans, Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi is running for re-election alongside Cumberland County Freeholder, Jim Sauro.
On the Democratic side, Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak is also an incumbent and is running with retired Sgt. Veteran, Bruce Land. Both parties have their own ideas with how to help South Jersey and it’s residents.
“Our goal is to make it more affordable for businesses and for families to live here and continue to stay here,” said Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi, (R) 1st District.
Fiocchi and Sauro’s main goal is to not only keep residents in New Jersey, but find opportunities for them to stay, and help bring up the economy.
“New Jersey’s one of the largest exit state’s in the country," said Assemblyman Fiocchi. "People are leaving here and it’s no secret because property taxes are too high, income taxes are too high. So our job, I think, is to make it more affordable. You know, part of that is you create more jobs for people, you make good business environment, and you make a good environment where middle class families can stay and live, and you know, enjoy our beautiful state.”
These two republican candidates say they’re going to use their background in business to help them in the Assembly, if they win. But with our democratic candidates, they’re using their military experience to help lead their platforms in the race to the Assembly.
“Being veterans, and myself and Bruce being a veteran our biggest initiative is what can we do to help out veterans," said Assemblyman Andrzejczak, (D) 1st District. "And we’ve been able to do quite a bit already, and we’re looking at continuing to do a lot more, especially with health care in South Jersey.”

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