VIDEO: South Jersey Family Finds Sharp Object in Halloween Candy


WOODBURY HEIGHTS - One Woodbury Heights child found that one of his Halloween treats was actually a trick, when a pin-like object was discovered inside of a Snickers Almond bar.
“I think it’s terrible that little kids can’t go out and trick-or-treat on the holiday," said Nancy Chew, Woodbury Heights resident. "People just have a mean streak in them and they think it’s funny, that’s what they think. It’s a shame.”
The mother of the young child posted a status on Facebook showing pictures of the object inside the candy bar. The post quickly got over 4,000 shares from concerned people in the area.
According to the Woodbury Heights Police Department, the woman says she trick-or-treated in the 100 and 200 block of Central Avenue, Linden Avenue, Beech Avenue, and Second Street. The post says she goes trick-or-treating every year in the area and this is the first problem that has popped up. Neighbors couldn’t believe this happened in what they call, a nice neighborhood.
“I’ve lived here 35 years and I’ve never had a problem in this neighborhood," said Ted Gasis, Woodbury Heights resident. "For trick-or-treating, my grand-kids have actually gone around in this area and collected their candy and we haven’t found anything wrong with anyone’s candy.”
As of this afternoon the woman has yet to bring the candy in for examination. Police say it is unknown if the tampering was done at a home, a factory, or somewhere in between. This isn’t the only investigation going on in South Jersey involving tampered Halloween candy.
A Gloucester Township resident contacted police on Sunday saying he found sewing needles in candy. Police later found evidence to prove that this was false and he is now being charged with filing a false claim.
As for the Woodbury Heights case, it is still under investigation and police are urging all parents to thoroughly examine their children’s candy.

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