VIDEOS: Rowan Engineers Host Pumpkin Chunkin' Contest


GLASSBORO - Members of Rowan University's American Society of Mechanical Engineers hosted a "Pumpkins v. Aliens" themed pumpkin chunkin' contest.
Students from the South Jersey and Philly area went alien hunting. Their weapon of choice were pumpkin catapults.
The objective was to build a pumpkin catapult, which would then be used to launch 5 pumpkins, at alien targets approximately 100 feet away and it's a lot harder than you'd think.
"Really what we're trying to do here is invited other college's engineering students and take what they've learned and use it in a real-life application," said Justin Ruegg, President ASME. "Even though trebushes aren't really used anymore, we're not sieging any castles. But you can still apply all the physics and the design constraints and all the other machine design that you've learned in your engineering classes to try and build something. You try not to overdesign it. You get some wood, try something you build, it fails and breaks, so you try to figure out what failed about it. So you get together with some friends and you get to learn a lot about the real life mechanics of it, just hanging out with friends and building a giant catapult. It's a pretty good time."
The alien targets were worth different amounts of points and the top three teams with the most points competed in a championship round. The winner of the contest was awarded a cash prize as well as bragging rights.

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