VIDEO: Downe Township Business Bounces Back After Sandy


FORTESCUE - The Charlesworth Hotel in Fortescue had a successful season after being closed from Superstorm Sandy damages and volunteers from all over Cumberland County have been helping clean up the mess.
"We had three feet of water in the basement, we had a lot of spray inside, we had a lot of damage, the estimates of damage to the property were about $350,000 at the time," said Jim Fonash, Owner of Charlesworth.
Although their work isn't done, Downe Township Mayor Bob Campbell says their progress is all thanks to the efforts of the community.
The Mayor says they still need the community's support, with more projects coming up to help with beach replenishment. They're also hoping to attract business owners to open up shop in the Fortescue area to make it even better than it was three years ago.
"These towns have all survived and we’re still working hard to this day to bring back the beaches and the roads and things that will bring them sustainability," said Mayor Campbell. "As long as everybody’s on board and everybody works as hard as they have in the past three years, we’re going to eventually get there."

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