VIDEO: New Jersey Department of Health Provides Mental Health Services to Sandy Victims


PLEASANTVILLE - The New Jersey Department of Health's acting Commissioner, Cathleen Bennett, paid a visit to Superstorm Sandy survivors in Pleasantville this morning.
After the storm, the Department of Health provided funding for those whose lives were impacted by Sandy in hopes of helping them get back to normal.
"It helped so much because I was so destitute, emotionally, mentally frazzled, and this person just walked into my life and said 'hey, did you know that there's help for people that are in the situation you're in' and it lifted me from ground zero on up," said Raychelle Black, Sandy Survivor. "I have my own place, my son has his own room, and I went from living in someone's living room to having everything I need for my family."
The round-table discussion, which offered residents a safe space to discuss their struggles, was held at the Southern Jersey Family Medical Center, where many Sandy survivors turned for help in the days following the storm.

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