Cumberland County Long Term Recovery Group Still Helping Superstorm Sandy Victims


CUMBERLAND COUNTY - Volunteers are close to completing Hurricane Sandy damage on the Delaware Bay.
“People are still traumatized and not back to where they were before the storms,” said Meghan Wren, Executive Director of Bayshore Center at Bivalve. “The Delaware Bay, you know, it’s not as flashy as the Jersey Shore, but the Delaware Bay area was hit just as hard and we had people who literally lost their homes, fell into the bay, blown over, and it’s not a huge number percentage of the people in the county, but the people who were hit were hit just as hard as someone on the Atlantic Coast that lost their house.”
Three years ago, Hurricane Sandy swept through Cumberland County, flooding homes along the Delaware Bay. The County’s Long Term Recovery Group, made up of nonprofit organizations, set out to help these families and now almost 100 houses later, they're nearing completion.
“This family, they had to be rescued, the water was up to their chests and they were rescued by boat, here, their home was totally flooded, and so we’ve been working on it for many, many months now,” said Wren.
The house is almost complete and the family’s church, Shiloh Baptist, donated furniture to help with the renovation. The family is expected to move back in around Thanksgiving.
“People are in the back painting, I am just putting putty on nails, before painting the trim, and other people are hanging up doors for the closets, and I know they were putting down the trim earlier, before I got here,” said Beth Thomas, Volunteer.
Thanks to the Cumberland County Long Term Recovery Group, over 100 families along the Delaware Bay are finally able to come home after Superstorm Sandy.
For further information about the Cumberland County Long Term Recovery Group, visit its website at

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