VIDEO: Department of Environmental Protection Announced Completion of a $57.6 Million Project


CAPE MAY COUNTY - The Department of Environmental Protection and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced the completion of a $57.6 million beach and dune project throughout Cape May County.
“Superstorm Sandy was an event that we’ll never forget," said Bob Martin, DEP Commissioner. "That’s the worst natural disaster that we’ve ever seen in New Jersey. That devastation has changed the lives of so many people in the state of New Jersey. It’s also changed also the way we’re thinking and approaching our resiliency along the coastline.”
The project began in April and protects Southern Ocean City, Strathmere, and Sea Isle City from flooding and coastal erosion.
“We’re seeing dunes being built from 13 to 15 feet above sea level with the tops of the dunes about 25 feet wide and at the base about 100 feet leading seaward," said Martin. "This is extremely important. It’s protecting lives, protecting homes, protecting infrastructure, and again protecting the economy of the state of New Jersey."
Construction was still being done during the announcement earlier today. According to Mayor Len Desiderio, since having the protection of these dunes, the ocean in Sea Isle City has not breached once.
“Just recently with Hurricane Joaquin," said Mayor Len Desiderio, Sea Isle City. "Thankfully it went in a different direction. But I was confident that had it been coming towards New Jersey and the South Jersey shores we would be prepared.”
With the completion of this project, comes the start of another. Next up is Northern Ocean City, where a $9 million beach renourishment project will soon begin.
“Over three years we’ve had a lot of work done, a tremendous amount of money has been put out there," said Martin. "A lot of rebuilding has gone out there at the end of the day. But we’ve done a tremendous job but the work isn’t done yet and week know that.”

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