Glassboro High School Developing Biomedical Academy

GLASSBORO – The Glassboro Board of Education voted in favor of developing a Glassboro High School Biomedical Academy.
The idea to implement the program was sparked after the board heard of the success of Rowan University’s two medical schools. Both students and parents were surveyed regarding their interests and the boards final decision was made during their October meeting.  The Academy will serve as an opportunity for students seeking a career in healthcare to expand their educational opportunities and nurture their skills.
The Glassboro School District partnership with Rowan University has produced several fruitful opportunities for students, including a total of 250 earned college credits total from participating students. The District’s School Choice/Academy programs offer several specializations for students, including STEM specializations as well as Fine and Performing Arts. The Academy, unlike STEM, will focus students on an intense curriculum in medical and biomedical research and the program would be available for grades nine through twelve. Additionally, ninth grade students will be required to apply to the program.
Tuition for the program will also be a difficult topic due to some restrictions. New Jersey Code prevents the Board of Education from charging tuition for programs run at the same grade level as their school choice programs. Therefore, the District will submit a Waiver to the New Jersey Department of Education requesting permission to charge tuition to non-resident ninth and twelfth grade members only.
Support for the new Academy also seems to have spread to a District-wide level. A survey showed that 92 percent of responders expressed interest in learning more about the Biomedical Academy. Respondents also felt that the Academy would provide students with the opportunity to begin honing the skills needed to pursue careers as physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, physical therapists, radiologists, researchers, and healthcare managers.
"Students at Glassboro High School have had a tremendous benefit from our two existing academies. This Biomedical Academy is a natural extension of these educational offerings. Rowan's exceptional growth, including the addition of two medical schools, makes this an academy a must for preparing students for future careers in the medical field,” said Glassboro School District Superintendent, Dr. Mark J. Silverstein. “We initially looked at the tuition option as an outside the box last resort. Obtaining additional seats through the existing School Choice program would certainly be a process with less roadblocks if that option were available to us."
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