VIDEO: South Jersey Families Participate in Teal Pumpkin Project


GALLOWAY - Local South Jersey residents are participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project, a national campaign to promote food allergy awareness.
“This is Ben, and he is three years old, and he has a severe egg allergy, so last year we decided to put a teal pumpkin out, and we had a few kids take advantage of it,” said Rebecca Mannel, Galloway resident.
Children with severe food allergies no longer need to fear trick or treating this Halloween. Food Allergy and Research Education, known as FARE, launched the Teal Pumpkin Project in 2014 to raise awareness of food allergies and promote a safer Halloween. The national campaign has gained popularity in South Jersey, with more residents creating Teal Pumpkins of their own, to help protect kids like Ben from allergic reactions.
“Right before his first birthday, we gave him some eggs, and he had a reaction of hives," said Mannel. "But he was okay, and we go to CHOP, and so far we haven’t had any bad reactions. We just stay away from it.”
Households who are participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project can register their home on FARE’s website for trick or treaters to find, then decorate their pumpkin using anything teal. With the Teal Pumpkin, houses can promise that they’re offering safe treats for any visitors.
“We have glow sticks, we have Matchbox cars, we have rings, we have all kinds of different things," said Amy Petrie, Williamstown resident. "Last year it wasn’t too recognizable, I had to explain it to quite a few different parents, but hopefully it’s more popular this year. I think it’s important to include all kids, especially for Trick or Treating, because it’s supposed to be a fun thing for all kids.”
When you’re out Trick or Treating this Saturday, look out for the teal inspired pumpkins to find the houses that have the safest treats for children with food allergies.

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