VIDEO: Recent Poll Reveals New Jersey Residents are Unaware of Upcoming Elections


MILLVILLE - South Jersey elections are coming up quickly on November 3rd and according to one recent poll, most people surveyed have no idea.
The Rutgers-Eagleton poll found that, of those surveyed, three quarters of New Jersey residents are completely unaware that an election is even taking place. Out of those who are aware of the elections on Tuesday, only 6% correctly said that assembly seats are on the ballot and only 5% were able to name their State Senators.
It's hard to get people to participate when residents don't even know about the vote, but apparently this isn't uncommon. The first Eagleton poll was conducted in an off-year election in 1971 and 85% of respondents didn't know about it.
While residents weren't able to identify Senators, they identify the most important problems facing new jersey as taxes, the economy, and jobs.

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