Salem County Community College Professor Establishes Book Grant

PENNS GROVE - Officials at Salem Community College have announced that its students will be eligible to receive a book grant through a faculty member. Associate professor of social science Reginald Smith has been with the college since 1977 and is providing the grant to students who attend the college.“My college education placed me in a position where I can assist others to hopefully achieve their dreams and aspirations,” said Smith. “It is good to be blessed; it’s better to give a blessing. You can’t help everybody, but everybody can help somebody.”“It took many years to finally decide to return to the classroom over concern of the cost,” said Ashley Stanton, practical nursing student at Salem Community College and the first recipient of the Reginald and Florence Smith Book Grant. “It means more to me than I could ever explain in words to receive such a wonderful gift in helping pay for my education. Now as a mother of two little boys and having such responsibilities, it is not an option to fall short of my goals.”Smith created the grant as a way to honor his late mother, Florence, as a tribute to the values she instilled.“My father died when I was a very young man, leaving my mother to raise my sisters and me,” he said. “The cornerstone of our childhood was an emphasis on education, church, family and helping others.”Smith described his mother as a lifelong learner who, although never obtaining a college degree, continued to take classes and volunteer at the local elementary school until she passed away.For more information about Salem Community College, visit

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