VIDEO: Donors Warned to Research Charities Before Giving


MILLVILLE - 'Tis the season of charitable giving, but not all non-profits are legit.
The Federal Trade Commission is asking citizens to do a little research before giving to any charity - for they might not all be such a good cause.
The first step is to research the charity, said officials. One should be able to find the charity online. If you’re getting requests by phone, tell the callers to send you information by mail.
A legitimate charity will send you information in writing.
The second step is to know where the money you're donating is going. Find out what percentage of your donation goes to the charity, and whether your donation is tax-deductible.
And lastly, explained officials, "play it safe."
Rule out any charity that asks you to send cash, wire money, or get a prepaid debit card. Chances are, any of these requests mean the so-called charity is a scam.
If an organization doesn’t seem legit, or raises more questions than you’re comfortable with, just walk away.

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