VIDEO: Bridgeton Author's New Book "Cubs Rising" Elicits Community Involvement in South Jersey


BRIDGETON - Cubs Rising - and a South Jersey rising star. One is a new book published by a local author, and the other is the little spokesperson for it.
Cubs Rising: Pursue It and Do It, a book written by author and Bridgeton resident S. Denice Newton, was released Sunday, December 27, during the Union Baptist Temple's 10 a.m. service.
The book is an inspiring compilation of stories written by 50 children on what they're doing to help their communities, and what others can do, too.
One such inspiring young lady is Naomi G. Jones.
"I think this all started for Naomi when she was about three years old," said her mother, Melody Jones. "She always had this vision of being able to help people in the community. So one of her things, because she's in the performing arts, she really wanted the other children to have some of the same opportunities that she's had. With this project, she was then able to be featured in the book as an international spokesperson, so we're really, really proud of her."
Newton, author of Cubs Rising, said: "This book project came about as the result of a trip I took to South Africa in 2011, and I had the opportunity to work at a primary school there.
"And, of course, you know, the children there are very impoverished and didn't have very much. But one thing I did notice is that they were so full of hope and expectation for the future. So when I came back to the United States, I wanted to do something in that same vein, and get children here to have that same hope and expectation that I found in South Africa."
"I just love talking to her, she's really nice," said Naomi Jones, the official spokesperson for Cubs Rising. "She's a really sweet lady and she's one of the nicest people I've ever met."
The feeling seems to be mutual. Newton chose Naomi Jones to be the national spokesperson for the book and movement, and, as such, she will travel around South Jersey and beyond, leading by example and spreading the message of hope.

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