VIDEO: Ocean County Fire Dept. Warns of Dangers of "Hoverboards" Following Fire


Lanoka Harbor - "Hoverboards" seemed to be the hot holiday item this season, and you've probably seen people attempting to ride them — successfully or not.
But officials throughout the country are warning that falling off of one might be the least of your worries.
One Ocean County, N.J., fire department is investigating a fire they say was started by a "hoverboard" as it charged.
Officials from Lanoka Harbor Fire Station No. 61 said the department responded to a call about one of the devices catching fire this past Sunday evening, December 28.
The fire department shared photos showing the charred "hoverboard" and surrounding carpet.
Officials say no one was injured in the fire, but warn that the boards unattended while charging its battery.
"Hoverboards" have taken a lot of heat in recent months due to several claimed fires in connection with the devices being charged. Three of the largest airlines in the United States have banned the "Hoverboard" because of the potential fire danger from the lithium-ion batteries.