VIDEO: Atlantic City Church Group Receives Free Land from Cherry Hill Businessman


ATLANTIC CITY - Kenneth Applewhite, Pastor of the City of Hope Worship and Outreach Center in Atlantic City, has been bringing help and joy to the lives of others for nearly 10 years. However, he says, it's time that his center move out of the city and into another section of Atlantic County.

“There’s some people that are really down, really down in a low place, and we’re able to give them some joy that day, and that’s what encourages me to keep doing the work that I do,” said Applewhite.
Nine years later, Applewhite plans on continuing to do just that, but at a different location. The City of Hope Worship and Outreach Center, located on North South Carolina Avenue, has shared a block with 15 different violent cases recently.
“It’s just been like death, shooting — it’s really a bad area," said Applewhite. "[We’ve] never been indirectly affected, but it does affect us. We never had any problems, but it’s just, it’s time to go."
The pastor found an advertisement for some land in Egg Harbor Township, and decided to give the owner a call to see if he was willing to donate a piece of the property to a new church. Much to Applewhite’s surprise, the Cherry Hill businessman, James Horowicz, gave more than just that.
“He [admired] our mannerism, our sincerity about what we were trying to do, and he said, 'I just felt that I should give it to your church,' and he did," said Applewhite.
When James Horowicz heard about all of the great things the center does for the community, he was moved, and decided to give up the land for free, despite his long list of interested buyers.
“He believed, and he could have sold that land for a lot of money, and he chose to be a blessing to our church, a great blessing,” said Applewhite.
“We’re lost for words at this point," said Angela Phillips, Atlantic City resident and City of Hope Worship member. "I can’t even really speak because we’re at a loss for words, because we’re so excited about it.”

Now, the group needs to raise more than $300,000 to make the construction of the center happen, but they have high hopes that with faith, they’ll receive the money they need.
“The bricks are just falling in place; it’s just amazing what’s happening,” said Applewhite.
Pastor Applewhite says that with the new church in Egg Harbor Township, he wants to continue feeding the homeless, expand programs, and see a membership increase.
For information on how to donate to the project, e-mail Applegate at

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