Cumberland County Code Blue Program to Distribute Coats to Homeless

BRIDGETON - Cumberland County's Code Blue Program officials plan to distribute care kits and winter-weather clothing to more than 40 homeless residents in Bridgeton, regardless of the unusually warm weather.
The organization will pass out the winter-weather gear at the Parish of the Holy Cross Saint Theresa Soup Kitchen on Tuesday, December 22, at 11:30 a.m.
The soup kitchen is located on 46 Central Ave in Bridgeton.
The Cumberland County Code Blue program was started in the 2015-2016 winter season and its main function is to provide emergency shelter during frigid temperatures.
The program has "Warming Centers" for homeless neighbors who need a place to stay during dangerously cold overnight temperatures.
Code Blue was created by Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly, Rev. Dr. Rob Weinstein, Rev. Ellen Rutherford, and captains James and Maria Stephenson.
Although the program began in Bridgeton, it has since developed in Vineland as well as Millville, all in Cumberland County.
Cathy Gardner has ably led Vineland’s Code Blue program, while Millville's leadership team includes Reverend Stephen Harris and Renee Brecht. Code Blue has been successful due to many volunteers and participating organizations that have donated time, money, and food to the program.
For more information about the local Code Blue program, visit the Web site:

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