VIDEO: United Way of Salem County Receives $65K Grant


SALEM COUNTY — United Way of Salem County officials announced at their annual meeting last week that the non-profit organization recently received a grant from the Forman S. Acton Educational Foundation to help expand learning opportunities through a new community-based initiative.
The $65,000 grant will go towards building new computer labs, supplying the children with tablets, and expanding the local United Way center's after school K-12 programs, according to officials.
"We’re really excited about it, it’s just a great resource to bring to this community," said Monique Chadband, president and CEO of the United Way of Salem County.
"As someone who has grown up here and used to come to this center and play basketball, and go to a teen outreach program, I feel blessed to be in a position to offer now these services and pay it forward to the generations that are coming up in this community."
Members of the United Way of Salem County hope that the new funds will continue to help them measure growth and proficiency of their members, who are as young as six weeks old.
Education support is one of the pillars of the United Way of Salem County, and with the help of this grant and their new partnership, officials there are happy they can continue serving children in the area.