Washington Township High School: November Students of the Month

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – Washington Township High School has named the school’s November 2015 Students of the Month. Principal Ann Moore recently recognized the following star students at a breakfast in their honor.
The honorees included:
Freshman of the Month: George Gerber
Sophomore of the Month: Laura Dressel
Junior of the Month: Allison Gracie
Senior of the Month: Corri Calandra
Freshmen of the Month: Jeanine Morrow, Brianna Griscom, Samantha Mendelson, Aceyana Knox, Zahraa Anber, Shannon O’Neill, Ava Pisauro, Adam Petersen, George Gerber, Nicholas Geiger, Stephon Mason, Crystal Stackhouse, Dahcere Webb
Sophomores of the Month: Grace Panto, Kaitlyn Vitzthum, Laura Dressel, Angelina Mowad, Nicholas Pearce, Dylan Jones, Felix Navarro, Connor Troxel, Ryan Hicks, Alexis Dandan, Emily Maldonado, Amaya Osbourne
Juniors of the Month: Brielle Caban, McKenzie Clifford, Allison Gracie, Diandra Mastrogiancomo, Alyssa Volkwine, Stacey Hudak, Kevin Smith, Noah Avis, Nicholas Powers, Celeste Subido
Seniors of the Month: Ryan Logar, Elizabeth Baccare, Marissa Mullin, Casey Perrone, Jessica Altamuro, Corri Calandra, Chloe O’Neill, Christopher Snyder, Alexander Brennen, Ai-Hue Nguyen, Rebecca Weaver, Madison Cheney. Julie Grelli, Cole Piperata

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