VIDEO: Laser Christmas Light Thefts in Vineland


VINELAND - The Star Shower Laser Lights have been illuminating houses for holiday displays all across South Jersey this year. But over the past week, an outbreak of thefts of the projectors has occurred all over Vineland.
“Easy money," said Sgt. Daniel Fay, Vineland P.D. "And it’s the biggest craze, everybody wants them.”
Police add that this holiday favorite is easy to steal.
“It’s apparent that they’re probably driving around, because they show up quick enough when you go down the street, and then they’ll make an arrangement to go back and pick the item up, because it’s only a matter of unplugging it and pulling it out of the ground, and then they can go away with it,” said Sgt. Daniel Fay.
Originally sold for around $30.00 online, and in Walmart and Target, the police believe that the thieves are stealing them to resell them and make double.
“I wouldn’t even put them out, I’m so disgusted,” said Paola Geraci, Vineland Resident.
This family on West Walnut in Vineland is the nineth case reported to the Vineland Police Department for stolen projectors. The family told SNJ Today Reporter, Nina Baratti, that not only did they have three projectors stolen from right behind the trees in their front yard, but they were home during the crime.
“My husband left for work at quarter to six, and my kids get the bus at 6:55," said Paola Geraci, Vineland Resident. "I come outside and the lights are gone. I said, oh my god, I can’t believe it.  My kids were scared. Like you know, there’s just a robber out here stealing from us, while we’re in the house.”
The Vineland Police say it’s possible that the nine cases could be connected, but they believe there are more thefts that haven’t been reported. To keep yours safe, Sgt. Fay says don’t leave the lights on all night long, have them on a timer, or bring them inside overnight.

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