VIDEO: Vigil Against Islamophobia and Racism in Atlantic City


ATLANTIC COUNTY - Local government officials and religious leaders came together today for a vigil against Islamophobia and racism.
“I’m a U.S. citizen, I’m American, I’m very proud American, and I want everyone to know that religion, I don’t want nobody try to tell me what religion I should practice, but I’m a very proud American, it could be any religion," said Rizwan Malik, (D) Atlantic City 5th Ward Council. "I love everybody, and peace means Islam. When you say 'peace,' it means Islam.”
Malik was not the only one who felt that way today when local government and religious leaders met to support not only Muslim and Islamic religions, but equality throughout the region.
“This is the beginning of a movement to make sure that we in Atlantic County and South Jersey stay united,” said Kaleem Shabazz, (D) Councilman Elect, Atlantic City.
People of all religions gathered this afternoon at City Hall for a vigil against Islamophobia and racism.
“And the right of all Americans is guaranteed in our First Amendment, includes the right to religion, to practice religion,” said Mayor Don Guardian, Atlantic City.
Local religious groups brought posters and signs to support their stance, and at the end of the meeting, everyone agreed on one thing - to stick together.
“We are all one family," said Malik. "To stay united, united we stand, divided we fall.”

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