VIDEO: Voorhees Teams Up With Evesham To Save Lives One Ride At A Time


EVESHAM - Since the start of the Saving Lives program back in September in Evesham, over 800 people utilized the free ride home from local bars and restaurant.
As of December 18th, the township of Voorhees plans to partner up with Evesham to offer this service to residents of both towns.
“If you’re an Evesham resident and you go out to eat at any of the 19 participating restaurants in Evesham or the nine participating restaurants in Voorhees between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. you come home for free,” said Mayor Randy Brown, Evesham.
And the same now goes to Voorhees residents.
“A 49% decrease in drunk driving arrests since this program was implemented," said  Lt. Joseph Friel, Evesham. "That right there speaks volume about the success of the program.”
After seeing results from Evesham, Voorhees police are all for it.
“Anything in safety like this and giving people options rather than driving after they’ve had some drinks or giving them options that they don’t normally have, is a win for us,” said Chief Louis Bordi, Voorhees.
The rides are paid for through donations throughout the each of the two towns.
“I want to make it clear, there are no taxpayer dollars that are used in this program,” said Mayor Michael Mignogna, Voorhees.
The free rides are through Uber and Be My DD. Uber picks you up in one of their vehicles and takes you home whereas Be My DD provides you with two drivers, one to drive you and your car home and another to follow.
“I think the best way to end the year is standing here realizing that not only did it work but now other communities are replicating this model,” said Ana Mahony, General Manager of Uber New Jersey.
Both Mayors hope to continue to program after the pilot phase concludes on January 15th, 2016.

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