VIDEO: Representative Donald Norcross Seeks to Pass Anti-Terrorism Act


CHERRY HILL - First district representative Donald Norcross was backed by local members of law enforcement today in Cherry Hill, where he announced that he was asking the Speaker of the House to keep Congress in session until the bipartisan "denying firearms and explosives to dangerous terrorists act" is passed.
Norcross says that this isn't about gun control, it's about national security.
"This isn't a gun issue, this is a terrorist issue. We need to hear the outcry from the public," said Norcross.
Law enforcement agreed with Norcross.
"The big issue is, we're all for guns if the right people have them," said Sheriff Carmel Morina. "If you have a mental illness and you possess a gun there may be a problem. Most of the crimes committed today the guns were received. They got the guns; later on we found out there is a mental illness."
Norcross cited a recent report that found that over 2,000 suspected terrorists successfully purchased guns in the past decade, while only a small portion of those applying were denied.

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